Monday, April 18, 2011

Today is a sad day, folks.

So, today is not the greatest of all days. :/

Work is killing it. They only schedule me for the whole weekend, which sucks ass by the way, but then considering it's my Spring Break I'm all like "Well, I won't be able to work every day if you go changing my schedule dramatically, so try not to..." Then today my boss calls me at like 10 am and I don't answer 'cause well, uh, hello, I am sleepingggg..? She leaves the most hateful sounding message! "Call me as soon as you get this. Your schedule has changed." So of course when I wake up I'm curious, but instead of calling her I text her 'cause I know that it's like Rush Hour and I didn't want to bother her with a ringing telephone. CONSIDERATE, RIGHT?!? APPARENTLY NOT.

She calls me back and is all "I asked for a phone call, not a text message. Blahblah bullshit." but whatever, so they go changing my schedule and shit. I told her I can't work on two of the days she triedddd to schedule me for. Ugh. Just doing toooooo much. I applied for another job, and they called for me to call them back tomorrow (weird, but I said okay..hahaha) so HOPEFULLY that will work out because I definitelyyy want a new job. :)

Most importantly, my poor little kitty Marvin is sick. He's been coughing and making these weird hacking noises before he pukes up this clear fluid, and it is so sad. He's just laying around and not doing anything. It's beyond heartbreaking. I called his vet and she was all "It's very common around this time of year for cats to get hairballs. Sometimes these hairballs get stuck and they take a few days to fully come out for smaller cats. Just keep an eye out over the next 48 hours and make an appt. if necessary."

UM HELLO, BITCH. MY KITTEN IS ACTING LIKE DEATH IS PRACTICALLY LIVING INSIDE HIM. She had me so frustrated, I didn't even know what to do. Completely useless, and I was so sad and angry because I have no idea what to do with poor lil Marvin. Does anybody have any idea on what's going on? Just curious, ya'll.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


UGH.. So terribly sorry about not being able to update for a few days. SO MUCH IS GOING ON. Well, not anymore, but it was. How about I finished my Graduation Project.. YAYYYY!

For those of you LUCKY people who don't know what that is, it's a stupid project my school makes us do to "prove" that we are ready to Graduation. Easy, but veryyyy time consuming. But I finished and my Presentation was on Thursday and I rocked it, yeahhhh! Hahahaha. Needless to say, I was beyond happy that it's over with! Then I had to work. >.<

I work at Wendy's, the fast food restaurant. It's really not that bad, but sometimes, IT'S BAD. I'm working everyday this weekend and next weekend. That's not the problem, though. The problem is when they schedule me, change it, and don't tell me. THEN they get pissed when you don't show up! Never get a job in the fast food industry if you don't have to, they be killin' it.

Also, Marvin is sick tonight. :( My poor little kitty has been throwing up and I don't know why. It's so sad. :/ AND HOW ABOUT I come home from working like 9 hours today, and my freaking clothes that I washed this morning and asked my sister to take to the dryer, which is RIGHT beside it so all you really have to do is sling 'em over to the side a little bit. BUT NO. I was very angry. It's mostly because she does nothing but Facebook and text and whateverrrr blahblah. Now, I know I have a blog and a Facebook and I'm glued to my phone, but I have a job, and I still do chores around the house.. I just don't understand the laziness of some of the people on the Earth. It's beyond ridiculous..but life goes on, amIright? ;)

Beyond cute, and I just had to share! Haha :)
Another post will probably come tonight, but it'll probably be something with a topic instead of my insane rambling. Hahahaha. ALSO, if you have anything you'd like me to dicuss, or anything you need advice on, feel free to ask in a comment or an email and I'll reply (I'm really into doing this, so don't be shyyy!!).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video Post 1

I've decided, not fully but kinda, that I'm going to do a bit of video blogging as well. This is mainly because I can talk about things quicker and sometimes it's just easier. I pretty much give you the gist of it all in the video, so yeah! Please excuse the mess I'm looking right about now; I haven't quite had a chance to shower in the last 24 hours. Hahahaha. Also, I apologize if the quality is bad due to the lighting. :)

Self Esteem...what the world?

During the shower I just had to practically pry myself away from, I started thinking about the concept of "self esteem" and how people affect it. Saying that, I wish I lived in England. Women in England are considered beautiful when they DON'T look like rails and Holocaust victims... So, uh, what the hell, America? Everyday I, along with I'm sure what are millions of other girls, think of ways to make themselves look more attractive. Well, who is to say what is attractive? Or even beautiful? Apparently, it's up to the media. Let's take a quick look (you're not really looking, but yeah..).

I'm what America calls "plus size" and you know what, forget that..! I'm not morbidly obese, and I am perfectly capable of functioning in life even if I am kinda pudgy. I struggle with my self esteem because of what I've been taught; not by my parents/grandmother, but by my peers and by the media. I swear, I get very frustrated with all of these beautiful girls stressing because they don't think they are pretty enough. Sure, I struggle with the same feeling from time to time, but then I think of how lucky I am to not have a disease where my body can't gain weight or something similar. It's discouraging and hurtful when people tell you to change the way you look for the sole reason of being "prettier", this I know from personal experience. I mean, if you have a weight issue that is affecting your health, that you should attempt to change, but if your health is fine and you just have some meat on your bones, I think you are beautiful and no one should let you believe otherwise.

This picture is originally for Anorexia, but I'm not using it for that because I'm obviously not talking about that. Today, at least. Now, let's look at the girl whose face we can see. She isn't 5'9 and 100lbs, but there is absolutely nothing, NOTHING, wrong with her. She is beautiful. If you're a girl, even a boy, and you're actually taking the time to read this and think for yourself, I'm sure you know at least ONE person that you have called "fat" who really isn't "fat". How hurtful. Sure, we all make fun of people from time to time, but doing it in the privacy of a bedroom with two or three friends (I'm not encouraging this, I'm just sayin'...) is completely different than saying something that could really hurt someone to their face or when you know for a FACT they can hear you. It isn't right, people. And hey, I'm not pointing fingers or anything like that, this is just something on my mind.

Yes, I feel ugly sometimes. Doesn't everyone? Yeah, they do. I'm sure of it. Since we all are aware of this "feeling ugly" that's floating around, what is so hard about giving someone a compliment? Just by telling a girl, or a guy, that you like their shirt, hair, something as simple as their fingernails or whatever, you can easily make someones day and boost their self esteem. I mean, if we are so eager to point out the bad and ugly, why not the good? I'm not like "challenging" anyone to go out and "spread the love" or anything like that, but think of how you feel when people compliment you, and imagine giving that feeling to someone else. It feels good.

Boys, think of your love interest. Girls, think of yours. Are they not beautiful in your eyes? I sure hope they are, or you have some problems yourself... Now think of someone telling that person that they have to change a list of things about themselves to become beautiful... It makes you angry, or at least it makes me angry! I have never felt as comfortable around someone as I do my current boyfriend, Jordan. He makes me feel as if I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, and he doesn't even say stuff like that. Hahaha. My point is, no matter your relationship with someone, we all love to feel good, so why not help the people you love/like/hate/whatever?

Self esteem is called SELF esteem, but I definitely think we all need a little boost here and there. Once again, just a thought. :)


So, first post! As of right now I'm stepping over to the "blog world" and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure as to what to do. I've read quite a few blogs so I suppose I'll mimic what I've seen just a bit. Let's get on a topic that is grabbing my leg, literally: Siblings. Sure, having siblings is awesome when you don't want to be sitting at home bored out of your mind, but goodness gracious! Has anyone ever heard of a little thing called "personal space"? Apparently not.

I have three siblings. Misty, age 14, Moody, age 7, and Jacob, age 5. Needless to say, there is no peace in my house. They are loud, obnoxious, and pretty freaking annoying. But how can you not love them? Never would I wish them to deteriorate, but once and a while I wonder what it would be like for them to all be on a trip, or something along those lines, for a few hours...maybe even a day. Lately it's been crazier than usual...

I got a kitten a while back, good 'ole Marvin! He is the cutest, oddest, sweetest little critter every and you will learn much about him throughout these posts. Anyhow, Jacob loves to terrorize him. I have no idea why, but he does. He'll say things like "Oh, Marvin, you're so cute." in a little baby voice and then run over to him and mess with him or whateverrrr, it's just too much. Moody isn't too bad with him, thank goodness. Misty doesn't really mess with him, but Marvin occasionally hides out in there if I'm at work or out with Jordan, my wonderful boyfriend! Speaking of, it's Jordan's birthday today! Hoorayyy! We aren't doing anything today, though. He has mucho college homework, sadly. 
Marvin trying to "experience" the bathtub

Alright, back to the madness. My life is very jumbled and skewed. A little background info before I forget:
I live with my grandmother because my parents are deceased. Misty and I have the same mother AND father. Moody and Jacob have the same mother, and we all have the same father. They also live with me, Misty and our grandmother for reasons that don't necessarily need to be talked about. That should explain a little bit of information because I'm sure at some point I'll start writing and if anyone reads this other than close friends, they will probably be lost. 

I plan to write about all I can without revealing too much personal information that may not be suitable to some readers, or whatever! I really don't care too much if people read this or not, I just need a place to empty my mind at the end of the day. Or the middle. Or the beginning. Whatever, you get it. And don't be surprised if I post more than once a day; I have a lot of thoughts. Haha :)