Monday, April 18, 2011

Today is a sad day, folks.

So, today is not the greatest of all days. :/

Work is killing it. They only schedule me for the whole weekend, which sucks ass by the way, but then considering it's my Spring Break I'm all like "Well, I won't be able to work every day if you go changing my schedule dramatically, so try not to..." Then today my boss calls me at like 10 am and I don't answer 'cause well, uh, hello, I am sleepingggg..? She leaves the most hateful sounding message! "Call me as soon as you get this. Your schedule has changed." So of course when I wake up I'm curious, but instead of calling her I text her 'cause I know that it's like Rush Hour and I didn't want to bother her with a ringing telephone. CONSIDERATE, RIGHT?!? APPARENTLY NOT.

She calls me back and is all "I asked for a phone call, not a text message. Blahblah bullshit." but whatever, so they go changing my schedule and shit. I told her I can't work on two of the days she triedddd to schedule me for. Ugh. Just doing toooooo much. I applied for another job, and they called for me to call them back tomorrow (weird, but I said okay..hahaha) so HOPEFULLY that will work out because I definitelyyy want a new job. :)

Most importantly, my poor little kitty Marvin is sick. He's been coughing and making these weird hacking noises before he pukes up this clear fluid, and it is so sad. He's just laying around and not doing anything. It's beyond heartbreaking. I called his vet and she was all "It's very common around this time of year for cats to get hairballs. Sometimes these hairballs get stuck and they take a few days to fully come out for smaller cats. Just keep an eye out over the next 48 hours and make an appt. if necessary."

UM HELLO, BITCH. MY KITTEN IS ACTING LIKE DEATH IS PRACTICALLY LIVING INSIDE HIM. She had me so frustrated, I didn't even know what to do. Completely useless, and I was so sad and angry because I have no idea what to do with poor lil Marvin. Does anybody have any idea on what's going on? Just curious, ya'll.

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